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Georgetown Animal Clinic, PC is committed to participating in various community activities that actively support various community outreach programs and events.

Dr. Newman and his wife Phyllis recently traveled to Guatemala where they were part of Mayan Families: Hope for the Animals.

While there, Dr. Newman examined well over 120 dogs, and spayed/neutered over 90. Many of the dogs and cats are owned, but since the owners are unable to afford to feed them, the dogs are turned out into the street to find food. The cost of veterinary care is out of the question, but their love for their pets is amazing!

Phyllis accompanied Mayan families as they delivered daily breakfast to three outlying preschools. Mayan families also provides a noon meal and a take home meal five days a week for seniors unable to afford adequate nourishment.

Mayan Families is an amazing not-for-profit organization making a real difference for the indigenous families it serves. To learn more, please click here

Some of our community involvements include: